Monday, 21 May 2018


Hello my lovelies!

I may, as usual, not have gone overboard with the dress and shoes, but at least I thought to wear a hat for the wedding.

Have you watched it yet?  Loved it!  Squealed in parts!

Love Nanxx

Saturday, 19 May 2018


Hello my lovelies!

Kerrie took this photograph the other day.  I am sitting on her front verandah.  Only the 'other' Kerrie and I were there for quilting so Kerrie decided we would sit on the front verandah.  I think I match the quilt I'm quilting!  Can you see the beautiful plane (I think) tree in its autumn colours in the background?

Toowoomba is looking very autumnal now.  The weather has been pretty much perfect this last week and is set to continue this week too.  I have moved the table on the back verandah a bit more towards the shutters so that I can get some of that lovely northern sunshine in the morning when I am eating my breakfast and doing a bit of reading.

Today has been a bit of a quiet day.  I did my usual chores then sat myself down at the table on the back deck and read the weekend papers.  After the papers were all read I proceeded to read the book I'm currently reading which is called THE BENEDICT OPTION which I am really enjoying.  Lots of underlining going on I can tell you!

In between all this Papa popped in and out to the church to help with some of the renovations that have been going on.  Someone has left the church a beautiful grand piano which has meant that in order to bring it into the church we have had had to alter things a tad.  Next week is the grand celebration of all the renovations completed and the piano's installation.

Girls from Fairholme College are coming too to provide choir music.

We have all been asked to bring a plate for the giant morning tea we are going to have afterwards in the hall.  I'll try and remember to take my camera.

Tomorrow we are having a baptism service when Ava and George are going to be baptized.  Ava was born at only 25 weeks - only half cooked - so it is a double thankfulness to God - one for her life and also her baptism.

I'll forward the church newsletter where you can see a photograph of her when she was born.

Did you go to church last week?  If you did, can you remember what the sermon was about?

Love Nanxxx

Friday, 11 May 2018


Hello my lovelies!

I was chatting to the 'other' Kerrie the other day and she mentioned that she and her husband are planning a trip to the Orkneys next year.  The Orkneys are islands way, way up and off the north of Scotland.

This got me thinking about a poem I learned a few years ago.  "I think I'll get that poem out again and refresh my memry." I said to myself and so I have.  I have printed it off and I am re-learning a verse a day as I have my breakfast.

The poem was writen by George Mackay Brown and it is about a day in the life of his father who was a postman.  I love how the poem begins before daybrak, traces the various 'doings' of the fishing town and ends with a verse showing how much the poet loved his father.

Here's the poem.


My father passed with his penny letters
Through closes opening and shutting like legends
When barbarous with gulls
Hamnavoe's morning broke

On the salt and tar steps.  herring boats,
Puffing red sails, the tillers
Of cold horizons, leaned
Down the gull-gaunt tide

And threw dark nets on sudden silver harvests.
A stallion at the sweet fountain
Dredged water, and touched
Fire from steel-kissed cobbles.

Hard on noon four bearded merchants
Past the pipe-spitting pier-head strolled,
Holy with greed, chanting
Their slow grave jargon.

A tinker keened like a tartan gull
At cuithe-hung doors.  A crofter lass
Trudged through the lavish dung
In a dream of corn-stalks and milk.

In the Arctic Whaler three blue elbows fell,
Regular as waves, from beards spumy with porter,
Till the amber day ebbed out
To its black dregs.

The boats drove furrows homeward, like ploughmen
In blizzards of gulls.  Gaelic fisher-girls
Flashed knife and dirge
Over drifts of herring.

And boys with penny wands lured gleams
From tangled veins of the flood.  Houses went blind
Up one steep close, for a
Grief by the shrouded nets.

The kirk, in a gale of psalms, went heaving through
A tumult of roofs, freighted for heaven.  And lovers
Unblessed by steeples lay under
the buttered bannock of the moon.

He quenched his lantern, leaving the last door.
 Because of his gay poverty that kept
My seapink innocence
From the worm and black wind;

And because, under equality's sun,
All things wear now to a common soiling,
In the fire of images
Gladly I put my hand
To save that day for him.



Love Nanxx  PS  I've made three spelling errors in the main text - not in the poem.  See if you can find them and perhaps you would like to count the number of similes in the poem.

Saturday, 5 May 2018


Hello my lovelies!

Do you like this embroidery?  I just love it.  Apparently it's the group badge of the folk who made the Great Tapestry of Scotland.  HERE'S a link to some more photographs of the various blocks they have made.

All well this end. Papa and I have had a fairly relaxing morning reading the Saturday papers and doing a few chores.  I stripped the bed and the sheets are now hanging on the line in the sunshine and Papa did some more work on our grass at the back.  Have I already told you what a mess it's in?  We're not sure if the top-dressing a few months ago was full of weed seeds but we've had a hard time of it trying to stop the grass becoming one huge weed bed.   In the end, Papa scraped most of the grass away and has re-sown parts with new seed.  New grass is starting to appear but it's a bit patchy to say the least.  The other problem could be that we have too much shade what with the leopard trees taking over.   Papa is going to work on the grass for a while yet, but if the worst comes to the worst, we shall have to put our thinking caps on and decide where to next!  All ideas will be gratefully received.

We have been watching a fabulous programme on Netflix called LOVE YOUR GARDEN with the presenter and gardener Alan Titmarsh.  It's been a wonderful series - about eight episodes.  The programme starts with Alan talking about the family he is going to surprise and off the cameras go with him down the street to the house in question.  He rings the bell and waits for the owner to answer the door.  It's hilarious seeing them open the door and the look on their faces when they see Alan and the cameras.  After they get over their initial shock Alan says "I hear your back garden needs some work."  The families who have been chosen have been recommended because of some difficulty in the family;  for example a member of the family may be confined to a wheelchair and can't get out in the garden because it's such a disaster.  Anyway hopefully the series will still be on when you get back HOME! and we can watch it together.

Papa's just calling me for lunch so I'll away and have my sandwich.  I'm on cooking duties today so I'll set to and make a nice stew in the afternoon.

Love Nanxxx

Saturday, 28 April 2018


Hello my lovelies!

Thought I would post some autumn photographs for you today.  As you can see, the sun has now moved to the north so we are getting some lovely sunshine on the side verandah.  I moved the carpet and the chair round from the back deck last week.

I took this photograph while sitting at the table on the front verandah.  Can you see the tree across the road - the pink one.  Well, that is a  golden rain tree.  It has fantastic yellow flowers in spring and what you see at this time of the year are the seeds.  I've got a feeling you can no longer buy these trees here as they are considered a pest.  It must be all those seeds - once they fall, I imagine they seed everywhere.

The tree on the other side of the verandah is one of the beautiful maples and as you can see, it hasn't put on its autumn coat yet. 

And...the camellia outside our bedroom window.  

And...some roses still blooming.  If you look closely, you will see buds still to flower.

This morning Papa and I were very busy around the place.  I hauled the ladders up from the shed, ran some hot water put some soapy stuff into a bucket, grabbed some cloths and set to and cleaned all the fans.  Now that we are well into autumn, I don't think we will be using them again until nearer the end of the year.

While I was doing that, Papa was outside putting finishing touches with his paintbrush to the front fence.  Over the course of the summer it had turned green with mould!  Through the week he's been busy washing it off with very special 'stuff' from BMS.  I'm hoping all the plants and grass nearby don't die.  Time will tell and I'll keep you informed.  The fence is all nice and white again.

Tomorrow, Papa and I are on 'tea duty' after church.  We haven't done this before so should be interesting.  We'll go up the hill a bit earlier than usual and set things up.  I've made a batch of shortbread to take with me.  

Did I tell you that Bob and Bev are coming to St David's now too.  It's lovely having them there and after the service they usually come back to our place for some morning tea.

Our minister Andrew usually sends through an email during the week saying what he is going to be preaching on and also what hymns we will be singing.   THIS is one of the hymns we will be listening to on the audio visual - we sometimes sing along as well.  We will be singing along with THIS one too.  I've just had a look at them and the words in the songs are beautiful.

Andrew has been preaching from the book of Mark for quite some time.  Tomorrow he's preaching on the healing of the blind man at Bethsaida written about in chapter 8.

Well my dears I shall away.  I've just taken wee Molly for a walk.  She's quite down at the moment; very quiet.  I think she's missing Spotty Boy.  I'm sure he won't be missing her as he's happy as long as he's getting attention!

Love Nanxxx

Monday, 23 April 2018


Hi there my loovlies!

Andrew our minister at church told this joke yesterday during the service.  I thought you might like to tell it to your friends.  It's very funny.

A magician on a cruise ship specialised in disappearing tricks.  Each day he was doing his best to entertain the passengers with his show.  And yet he was always interrupted by a parrot, and this parrot ruined every routine.  The bird could see what the illusionist was up to every time and would call out, "It's up his sleeve.  It's in his pocket.  It's behind his back."  and naturally the performer became very annoyed.

But then in the middle of one show, tragedy struck, and the ocean liner sank quickly.  In all the commotion and confusion, there were only two survivors - the magician and the parrot - together in a lifeboat.

For three days they sat and stared at each other in silence, and at last the parrot spoke.  It said, "Okay.  I give up.  What did you do with the ship?"

Love Nanxx


The ficus has reached the roof!

Love Nanxx


Hello my lovelies! I may, as usual, not have gone overboard with the dress and shoes, but at least I thought to wear a hat for the w...